Today I wanted to touch on the subject of LED phototherapy.  This is a treatment that is sometimes forgotten about but yields amazing, non-invasive results!  Every now and then I feel the need to do a refresher course and today it was light therapy.  The skin care industry is constantly changing and there are new modalities and treatments every day.  In a world filled with lasers, Botox and lifestyle lifts (whatever that is...) it's important to keep in mind the effective ways to get results without the downtime. 

LED light therapy (not to be confused with lasers) is a treatment that was first recognized by the Danish scientist Niels Ryberg Finsen in 1903 when he won the Nobel Prize for treating lupus with phototherapy.  Before Finsen, sunlight had been used to treat diseases for thousands of years, and since then there have been many studies and applications to confirm the validity, which is now widely accepted by scientists today.  The most famous of those studies is the NASA Study.  NASA found that there was a growth increase of 155%-171% in normal human epithelial cells, a wound size decrease of up to 36%, and improvement of greater than 40% in musculoskeletal injuries of Navy SEAL team members when exposed to LED light therapy.  

So what does all of this have to do with skin care?  Everything.  LED light gives skin cells all the benefits of sunlight without the negative side effects.  It heals and corrects damaged skin cells so they to return to their optimum function. Think about it like solar panels on a house.  They collect the sun's energy and power electronic processes inside the home.  Skin cells absorb the therapeutic LED light and use it as a source of energy to stimulate cellular function, which decreases with age and inflammation.  With this process comes great benefits such as minimized appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles, prevention of environmental damage, a radiant glow, rebuilding of collagen and elastin fibers, reduced inflammation, and increased circulation.  All those benefits with no side effects?  Sign me up!  

While different wave lengths (colors) promote slightly different benefits, the over all improvement of skin health is great.  It also doesn't hurt that skin appearance is improved as well.  So whether you are struggling with acne or you have hyperpigmentation with fine lines I suggest you give phototherapy a try.  Who doesn't love a little light in their life?


Ultrasonic What?

In honor of my newest treatment, the Ultrasonic Soft-Peel, I decided it would be appropriate to give you the low-down on this exciting, effective facial.

Ultrasonic has been used since the 80's in various ways.  From a pre or post plastic surgery treatment to a lunchtime exfoliation, the Ultrasonic Soft-Peel is a new generation of microdermabrasion.

The Ultrasonic Soft-Peel uses high frequency sonic waves to deep pore cleanse, repair, stimulate, hydrate, and exfoliate without any redness or irritation.  This means that even the most reactive and rosacea skin types can benefit from this treatment.

First, the ultrasonic vibrations exfoliate the top layers of skin, reviving the tissue.  This happens when water is exposed to the vibrations and they break into tiny molecules flushing out dead skin, oil, and debris.  This process is called micronization and it creates a soft peeling effect rendering the skin youthful and luminous after just the first treatment.

Secondly, the sound waves are used to push in vital nutrients from masks and serums to deeper layers of skin more effectively.  This part of the treatment provides a relaxing and intense micro-massage to subdermally heat the skin tissue to stimulate blood flow and lymphatic drainage.  The increased circulation then stimulates the skin's natural collagen fibers to rebuild resulting in fewer fine lines.

Just as a recap:  The Ultrasonic Soft-Peel exfoliates, deep pore cleanses, plumps fine lines, stimulates circulation and lymphatic drainage, and is safe for all skin types.  What's not to love?  Everyone can benefit!  

A special deal is coming up soon so stay tuned.  And always remember that taking great care of your skin is also relaxing and fun so come and see me for a little indulgence!


Say No to Soap

To start off this blogging adventure I decided to start off with something small but also very important.  

 How many times have your heard someone say, "I just wash my face with soap?"  Well I can't begin to tell you how often I hear that old chestnut, but I get it.  You're in the shower, scrubbing your body and the easiest thing to do it just wash your face with soap as well.  Then afterwards your skin starts to feel tight, dry and it may even crack. In some cases with oily skin, your skin initially feels great but then turns into an oil slick after an hour or two.  

Here's what’s happening.  For most people, the facial skin is more sensitive and fragile than the skin on the rest of the body.  So using a soap meant for your body, on your face, is way too harsh.  Soaps are usually alkaline in pH, contain artificial fragrance, and contain detergents that will strip the skin of its natural lipid barrier.  The lipid barrier is the glue that holds everything together and keeps the moisture in the skin.  Without it, the skin will lose moisture and the ability to properly protect itself.  This becomes even more important in the cold winter months when dry is at epidemic proportions.

When the lipids are damaged, a snowball effect occurs.  For dry skin, it means more dry, dehydrated, cracked skin.  Which in turn, will make the skin less pliable and fine lines more prominent.  Nobody wants that.  For oily skin people, the lack of lipids triggers your skin's natural response to produce more oil.  Then your response is to strip those oils and so starts the cycle again.  Then if you add in acne-prone skin to the mix, the skin becomes irritated and it only creates more acne.  

Remember, your skin is your body's first line of defense.  When it feels threatened it will do what it needs to in order to survive.  So, instead of trying to save yourself one minutes time, do yourself and your skin a favor and get an actual face cleanser.  Your skin will thank you.